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Specializing in sustainable, dynamic landscape designs in the Portland area, Second Nature Garden Design can help you create an attractive, ecologically-functional retreat with year round appeal. Resourceful, low maintenance, and imaginative solutions are guided by your objectives and inspired by the quality of the location and house style. Space constraints are optimized and plant selection is always influenced by site conditions, for maximum success. Your beautiful, unique garden will feel like it’s a part of you.

As the human-dominated landscape expands, wild spaces disappear and pollinators, birds, and other wildlife are left without places to live and thrive. Eco-functional designs typically minimize conventional lawn to help provide habitat for dwindling wildlife, as well as space for homegrown food, if desired. Other benefits include water and energy conservation, storm water management, and elimination of synthetic chemicals and pollution.  

Why hire a professional designer? With a custom planting plan—or even just a consultation—inappropriate choices and costly mistakes can be prevented. Thoughtfully designed landscapes have also been shown to increase property values. Whether you need help rejuvenating or beginning your urban garden, or want to restore lost habitat in more natural settings, Second Nature Garden Design can help.

Check out my book, Real Gardens Grow Natives: Design, Plant, & Enjoy a Healthy Northwest Garden (Mountaineers Books, 2014). Available in bookstores, gardening stores, online, and at public libraries, it may be all you need to create a more welcoming yard for wildlife and your family!     

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Please feel free to wander the galleries, where you may find inspiration for your own garden.

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